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Saturday, September 24, 2011

DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS by Christie Craig

I squealed like a total fan-girl when I found out I was getting an ARC of DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!!! 
DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS is book one in Christie Craig's new Hotter In TEXAS trilogy.
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Nikki Hunt thought her night couldn't get worse when her no-good, cheating ex ditched her at dinner, sticking her with the bill. Then she found his body stuffed in the trunk of her car and lost her two-hundred-dollar meal all over his three-thousand-dollar suit. Now not only is Nikki nearly broke, she's a murder suspect.

Former cop turned PI, Dallas O'Connor knows what it's like to be unjustly accused. But one look at the sexy-though skittish-suspect tells him she couldn't hurt anyone. The lead detective, Dallas's own brother, has the wrong woman and Dallas hopes a little late-night "undercover" work will help him prove it . . .

Naughty D's Review:
DMWT is a whole lot of book for a great price!!!  $5.99 for the ebook, which makes this naughty girl really happy =)

Where to start...I read this book at the close of one of the most hellish weeks I've had in a long time, it didn't take long for Christie to have me smiling and chuckling.  (for Naughty D's friends that only like Erotic romances, I have to tell you this is 100% contemporary romance, but definitely a great read)

Dallas is a former cop, who's ex-wife deserted him when times got rough, therefore he's sworn off all relationships, except for no strings attached booty calls.  Nikki is a divorced artist who caught her husband with one of her gallery employees and divorced him.  Neither Nikki nor Dallas are big on trust, but from the minute Nikki pukes all over Dallas, he's drawn to her and swears to help prove her innocence.   But there's a big problem, a string of bad things keep happening to Nikki and it's making Dallas want more..maybe.  And the fact Dallas's brother Tony is the investigating officer in Nikki's ex-husband's murder case does not help matters.  Dallas' attempts to get Nikki in bed and Nikki's attempts to fight it are funny and cute.  I don't think I'll ever be able to say or hear the word "cupcake" without giggling again.  Dallas' business partners Austin and Tyler add in humor to the developing relationship and I love the teasing between the three men.

There is a secondary relationship between Tony and his estranged wife LeAnn, that had me just as enthralled as the developing romance between Nikki and Dallas.  Tony and LeAnn's story is about two people being torn apart by the unimaginable, but still being in love. I have to admit I was pulling for them and there were moments in their story that brought tears to my eyes.

DMWT has a cast of characters to keep you laughing and chompin' at the bit for the next two books. There's Dallas' farting english bulldog Bud (short for Budweiser), Nikki's Nana and the Ol' Timers gang, Dallas and Tony's dad (who I hope we will see more of along with the Ol' Timers gang), Nikki's friend Ellen, Nance a young man Dallas and his partners are determined to help prove innocent of a crime and last but not least, Austin and Tyler, Dallas' two partners in the PI business called Don't Mess With Texas.

As I stated earlier, DMWT is 100% contemporary romance. It's a feel good book, but still has plenty of emotion and suspense to keep you turning the pages and not wanting it to end.  Now I have to impatiently wait for Book 2, BLAME IT ON TEXAS to come out ;-)

Be sure to check out Christie's back list on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, they have great prices on all her books right now....

Naughty D' gives DMWT


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review - The Trip by Bianca Sommerfield

Book description:  EROTIC, BDSM, SHORT STORY
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On the long trip back to Toronto from an art show in Detroit, Shawna’s bus makes an unexpected stop in the middle of nowhere. When the bus is evacuated, she ends up alone with a man who’s just as dark and dominant as the heroes in her favorite books. Her desires tempt her to let her guard down—to take a chance that he might be everything she needs—but how far is she willing to go?

She’s afraid to find out . . . and even more afraid not to.

Theme: BDSM, D/s, Erotica, Extreme Kink.  Special Content: Dubious Consent

Naughty D's Review:
The Trip is a very short erotic story(29 pages) the best way for me to describe it is a really HOT sexual encounter with a sweetly satisfying end.  It does have dubious consent, but by the end I was totally ok with it.

I look forward to reading more by Ms. Sommerland.

Naughty D gives The Trip

One Brave Cowboy by Kathleen Eagle (Harlequin Special Edition)

Great to find a book about a Native American Cowboy!!  Sweet Read!

Book Summary:
Behind the bravado was a complex man. War hero. “Indian cowboy.” Walking wounded in search of answers.

Cougar needed to build a new life, and he’d start with what he loved most. Horses. Which brought him to the Double D Wild Horse Sanctuary. And into the orbit of ranch volunteer Celia Banyon and her very special son.

The boy had suffered an unspeakable accident, and his mother felt unspeakable guilt. But something about Cougar brought her back from the brink. He represented her chance to be a woman again. Now, suddenly, one name wasn’t enough for what they could have if they’d just let themselves. Healing. Love. Family. Forever. In fact, the possibilities were endless…

Naughty D's Review:
Sweet story about healing and finding love. Cougar was sensitive, wounded and sexy.  Celia was a hard working divorced Mom and her son Mark was adorable.  I loved the fact that Cougar isn't a perfect hero, he has issues he admits and continues to work on.

At some points I had a hard time following the dialogue, it seemed to jump around a bit.  But the characters were so endearing that I had to finish it.  

All in all this is a great short, uplifting read.  Great for a rainy afternoon.

Naughty D gives One Brave Cowboy

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Deal With The Devil by Diana Duncan

To be honest, because I have read some self-published books that I could barely finish and could not in any way write a review for, I was a leery about reading Deal With The Devil. Color me excited to read it and find out DWTD is another great example that a book can be self published and a great read!!!  The price is great at only $2.99 on amazon

Book Summary:
When Irish eyes are smilin’…beware! Because trouble—and love—isn’t far behind!

Paradise for software designer Cynthia Wagner means uninterrupted solitude to invent a brilliant video game, and save her job. But renovations on her city apartment force her to seek refuge in a temporary rental in the ‘burbs.

The promised Paradise morphs into Purgatory when she meets her new neighbor, a deliciously tempting Irish rogue sporting a wicked grin and to-die-for body. Worse, the handsome bachelor has noisy, drooly, havoc-creating baggage on his hands for the summer… rambunctious five-year-old twin nephews, a baby niece, and the kids’ yappy dog. Rory Devlin is a dangerous distraction—and he’s hiding a naughty secret.

Jackhammers and contractors would have provided more peace and quiet.

Stuck in the Suburbs of the Damned with Mr. Uncle-Turned-Mom and his wild menagerie, Cynthia struggles to meet her deadline. But she struggles more with her undeniable attraction to her devlish-ous neighbor.

Could it be that what Cynthia has mistaken for hell is actually the heaven she’s been searching for?

Naughty D's Review:
I am totally in love with the ENTIRE Devlin clan.  Ms. Duncan has created a contemporary romance that not only let's you see the relationship between Rory and Cynthia develop, but you get to see how 10, yes 10, siblings interact in a not so perfect family. The Devlin's are rowdy, headstrong, stubborn, but most of all loving.    Kelsey, Dylan and Brendan steal every scene they are in.   Then there is Bridget, who by description, reminds me so much of my furbaby, but in the female form, that I couldn't help but smile and laugh every time she was in a scene.

Rory has got to be one of the sweetest, sexiest heroes I've read in a long time and when he turns on the heat..OMG!!!  Everything about him makes me swoon, hell all of the Devlin men make me swoon.  Cynthia could come off as a "poor, little Rich girl" but she doesn't, she is definitely a great example of not judging a book by it's cover.

Deal With The Devil had me laughing for most of the book. There are so many touching but funny parts, the family interaction is great and there are a couple of twists in it that I totally did not see coming. 

DWTD is NOT an erotic romance, it is a great contemporary, steamy, funny romance that fans of series and family stories will enjoy.  

Naughty D' gives Deal With The Devil  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Contest and Interview with Jane Graves

I LOVE when I find an author who has been out for awhile but is new to me. I'm especially excited to find Jane Graves because her books have all that I look for in a great read, romance, humor and great H/h. 

Check out Jane's web-site
Naughty DHi Jane thank you so much for your time. I have to admit Black Ties and Lullabies is the first book of yours I have read, but it won’t be the last.   In BTAL Jeremy is pretty much a set in his ways, he’s a playboy, a bit of an arrogant jerk and self-centered. Bernie is tough talking, take no mess off of anyone, not very feminine independent woman. IMO you took a chance creating two types characters that aren’t typically reader favorites on their own and put them together in the search for their own HEA. What inspired you to create such a difficult match?

JaneActually, Jeremy and Bernie made their first appearance as secondary characters in Hot Wheels and High Heels. Yes, Jeremy was arrogant. And self-centered? Absolutely! But for one reason or another, readers were so intrigued by him that I got more mail asking for his story than any other character's I've ever created. In Hot Wheels, he was a viewpoint character—we got inside his head—so I needed somebody for him to interact with so he wasn't just sitting there talking to himself. Because he was a multimillionaire CEO, I thought, how about a bodyguard? But because I like to go against reader expectation every chance I get, I made that bodyguard a woman instead of a man, and Bernadette Hogan was born. And because Jeremy was a real womanizer who preferred sexy blondes, I made Bernie about as far from girly as girly got. More fun that way, you know? Jeremy and Bernie are two smart people who annoy the hell out of each other, which generates a lot of really great dialogue. And two smart people who annoy the hell out of each other who realize they're falling in love—for me as a writer, characters don't get more fun than that.

I’ve actually had people tell me, after reading the interaction between Jeremy and Bernie in Hot Wheels and before reading Black Ties, that I must have lost my mind by making them the hero and heroine of their own book. How in the world, they said, is that ever going to work out? But opposites do attract, and by the time readers finish the book, I hope I've convinced them that Jeremy and Bernie are a perfect match. (Naughty D –  I will be moving Hot Wheels and High Heels up in my TBR. And yes I think they are made for each other, mid-way through the book I was in love with Jeremy) 
Naughty DI love your sense of humor in BTAL, the poker game where Billy placed the bet with Bernie had me laughing so hard my eyes were watering. My favorite romances have humor in them. Do you put humor in all of your books?

JaneYes. To one degree or another, there's humor in every one of my books. I just can't help it. Life is pretty darned funny, and a day that goes by without a laugh is a day with a great opportunity wasted. To think I could tell an entire story of two people meeting, getting to know each other, and making a commitment without something funny popping up is impossible for me to believe. (Naughty D - I read to escape for a little while and books with humor always brighten my day) 

Naughty DCan you tell us a little about yourself? What do you like to read? How long have you been writing? 

Jane From the time I was a little kid until now, I've read everything under the sun. I used to spend hours at the local library just going through the shelves looking for interesting things. I read biographies, books about magic tricks, and books that taught me how to train my dog. And then there was the fiction! Little House on the Prairie books. Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew, of course. And the Black Stallion books—if it had a horse in it, I was all over it. (Naughty D - I loved all of those and one of my favorite authors that,to this day, I remember is Marguerite Henry and her Misty books) 

To this day, I still read all kinds of fiction. But I also love nonfiction. If I see an interesting subject, I buy a book about it. I love reading about human behavior, and my favorite magazines are Psychology Today and Scientific American Mind. 

Unbelievably, it wasn't until I was well into adulthood that I read my first romance novel, and boy, was I hooked. It was Judith McNaught's A Kingdom of Dreams. I remember thinking, my God, this is entertaining stuff! And that was when I started writing what I loved to read.

How long have I been writing? Almost as long as I've been reading. I was probably five years old when I wrote my first story. Later I got a degree in journalism from the University of Oklahoma in the sequence of Professional Writing, but it was years before I wrote my first novel with an eye toward publication. I sold my first book in 1999, and right now I'm working on number nineteen. 
Naughty DBecause I spent the last 18 yrs as a busy single mom I didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy books like I used to, when I looked up your backlist and I was pleasantly pleased to see it’s quite impressive (it’s also shown me how many books I’ve missed out on reading). How many books do you have out? Are any in series that should be read in specific order?

Jane I wrote ten books for Harlequin under the name Jane Sullivan, mostly for the now-defunct Temptation line. I really loved those old Temptations—if you can find one used, pick it up! Then I wrote four books for Ballantine Books under my real name, Jane Graves. Those have the humor we talked about in varying degrees, but they also have a suspense element. While they're loosely connected (three brothers and their sister, who make appearances in all the books), there's no particularly reading order to those.

Now I write for Grand Central Publishing, and the first four books are part of a series—the ones with the rhyming titles. If you like to laugh, these are the books for you. They're also loosel connected with characters spanning the various books, but they can also be read without regard to order. (Naughty D – I wondered if they were connected, I’m anal about reading order so I will be reading the rest in order, can’t wait to read them. I LOVED the Temptation line also)
Click here to read Chapter 1 of Heartstrings and Diamond Rings
Naughty DI am so excited to see that you have a release coming out 9/27, Heartstrings and Diamond Rings. Can you share a brief description of it?

JaneThe heroine, Alison Carter, made her first appearance in Tall Tales and Wedding Veils as the best friend of the heroine in that book. Her dating life has been more Titanic than Love Boat, but she's still determined to find her Mr. Right. After Internet dating, blind dates, speed dating—all of it—she decides to try something new and consult a matchmaker. Oddly, the matchmaker isn't the kindly old lady she expects, but her sexy, incredibly handsome grandson, Brandon Scott.

As for Brandon, when he inherits his grandmother's business, he figures he's hit the jackpot. Set up a few lonely ladies, collect the fee, how hard can it be? Then he meets Alison, and suddenly something that seemed so simple becomes very complicated… (Naughty D – Sounds like another winner, I can’t wait for it!)

Naughty DI know you are swamped with blog tours and getting ready for your upcoming release I really appreciate your time. I am excited to spread the word about your books to my friends. Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Jane I'm happy to announce that I'll be doing two more books for Grand Central Publishing. They're the start of a new series that's set in a small fictional town in the Texas hill country. I can't say much more about it right now, except that the books will have the tone of my previous stories—humorous, a little edgy, but ultimately heartwarming—with a premise that involves pets in an integral way. The stories will be set against the backdrop of a close-knit community populated by a quirky but engaging cast of characters, both human and animal. Watch my website for release dates!   http://www.janegraves.com
Naughty DCongratulations on the new series, I will be impatiently waiting to read it. BTW I live down between Houston and Galveston, and there is nothing prettier than driving through the Texas Hill Country in the spring.

Thanks again for sharing your books and time with us Jane. Good Luck on release day for Heartstrings and Diamond Rings.

Want to win a copy of Black Ties and Lullabies? Leave a comment or question for Jane and you will be entered into a drawing for your own copy of this funny, sweet story.  Winner to be posted Thursday, 9/22/11 at 3:00 pm, CST.

Monday, September 19, 2011

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