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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review - Wrangled and Tangled (Black Top Cowboys #3) by Lorelei James

Description: Erotic, Modern Western

"I HONESTLY do not know how, NYT Best Seller, Lorelei James keeps doing it, but every new book is a masterpiece,  blending an incredible story line, sexy alpha cowboys and strong women, plus luvin' so smokin' hot you'll be stocking up on batteries!!!"   Naughty D'
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Wrangling a sweet-talkin' cowboy can be dangerous business...

The West was not so wild for Janie Fitzhugh. Living with her rancher husband, Abe Lawson, in rural Wyoming nearly broke her spirit, so she left. But eight years later, she returns to Muddy Gap to take a job at a new resort. When an unexpected danger arises, Abe seizes the chance to protect Janie and prove he's a changed man.

Janie's employer at the Split Rock Ranch and Resort, Renner Jackson, has gotten himself tangled up in a devil's bargain trying to finish the construction. His new partner's daughter, Tierney Pratt, is a spoiled daddy's girl and off-limits--no matter how drop-dead gorgeous she is. But Tierney's got her own secret reasons for keeping the rough-and-tumble cowboy at a distance.

When things get down and dirty at the resort, Abe and Renner must saddle up and fight to rope in the women they can't imagine living without...

D's Review:
GOOD GAWD!!!  Lorelei James has been teasing me with the sexy cowboys Renner and Abe for a while. Now she gives us both of their stories in Wrangled and Tangled and she did NOT disappoint. 

Tierney and Renner - who have some what a love/hate relationship, they bicker constantly.  Renner is the rich, playboy and Tierney is the spoiled little rich girl working for her daddy,Renner's business partner, oh and Tierney hasn't dated much.  The sparks fly as these two fight the the sexual chemistry between them. When they finally give in it is sizzlin' hot! They agree that because they work in the office together they need to keep their love affair secret.  Neither one can keep their hands off each other which leads to some funny and hot secret smexin' scenes. Hard to believe, but deep inside of both of them is a sweet loving soul...but will they allow it to come out. Renner and Tierney, are now one of my favorite couples. 

I would love to post some of my favorites smart ass comments Renner and Tierney fling at each other, but I don't want spoil the LOL moment for anyone, not to mention there are so freakin' many this would be the longest review ever.

Abe and Janie - Their story has a lot of emotional ups and downs, they have to admit to each other that they did wrong in their marriage and they have to learn to accept the changes that have happened in the past 8 yrs.  Abe fell head over heels in love with Janie 11 yrs ago, but their marriage didn't last, Janie couldn't handle the demands of being a ranchers wife, the stress of helping with Abe's two younger siblings and the fact that Abe didn't like to change ANYTHING, even furniture in the house.  Abe never stopped loving Janie, but he didn't fight for her, he couldn't handle the fact that she didn't want to be a ranchers' wife.   Janie is back working for Renner and all the feelings she still has for Abe come rushing forward.  Abe is determined to get Janie back in his life.  They both realize they made mistakes in their marriage and want see where a new relationship goes. BUT.....Can Abe handle the new confident, independent Janie? Can Janie handle the dominant/kinky side of  Abe in the bedroom, especially when all things sex were vanilla before?

There is some danger and suspense in W&T that adds to the emotions and was a great way to connect the two stories.  I've read books with two stories before and was left wondering "why didn't the author just make two books?"  This is not the case with W&T, the way LJ weaves the two stories together is LORELEI JAMES' MAGIC at it's finest. 

I like the way the book flows over a few months.  Something I really like is at the end of W&T, Abe and Janie are back together, but they know they still have things to work out.  To me, because of their history, this ending makes it more "realistic" and different because it's not all wrapped up with wedding bells and smiles.

Color me EXCITED because we get to see Hank, Lanie, Harper and Bran.  Plus more of Kyle and Celia's interactions....methinks we are in for an explosive story if LJ puts them together...I'm speculating here, just from the tidbits about those two in Corralled, SAS and W&T.  

So NOW I am going to be waiting with bated breath for Kyle's book, hell I've been waiting for Kyle's book since Corralled.....now one thought that hit me while reading W&T, is IF Lorelei pairs of Kyle and Celia, she is going to have a hell of a  challenge (and fun) LJ making Celia ok with Kyle having been in the menage with Hank and Lanie...and Hank and Abe, being ok with Kyle getting with Celia ;-)

THANK GOODNESS we have the next installment of Lorelei's Rough Rider series, Cowboy Casanova, Ben McKay's story, coming out December 2011.

D' gives Wrangled and Tangled:

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