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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

IOU Sex by Calista Fox

Fiona Carlisle didn't think anything could hurt as much as finding her fiancé in bed with her sister. But receiving an invitation to the happy couple's engagement party comes a close second. Determined to prove to her family and herself that she's moved on, Fiona has every intention of attending, looking red-hot and with an even hotter man on her arm. And there's only one man who will do: renowned photographer and reputed playboy Michael Houston.
Fiona's rebound fling with Michael was a brief but erotic romp. Michael has made no secret of the fact that he's still interested. So when Fiona asks him to escort her to the engagement party, he agrees, with one condition: she must spend a sensual weekend with him picking up where they left off.
Intensely attracted to Michael, Fiona can't resist his offer for long. But when the weekend is over, will she be able to resist giving him her heart?
20,000 words

Naughty D's Review:
IOU Sex was a good SHORT read.  Actually it felt like I was reading a few chapters out of what could be a great full length book.

I loved seeing how Fiona stood up to her family and faced her commit fears. Micheal is one sexy, smokin' hot, sweet man.

I really liked Michael and Fiona and would've loved to have seen a full length book starting with Fiona walking in on her fiance and sister, then falling into Michael's arms and Michael wooing Fiona.

IOU Sex is an erotic romance with sizzling sex that is not raunchy, it is a great read for a day on the boat, at the pool or beach.

Naughty D gives IOU Sex 

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