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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review - Mistress's Master by Jayne Rylon

NOT FOR THE TIMID, SQUEMISH, PRUDES or FAINT OF HEART.....LOTS OF BDSM ELEMENTS!!!   I have to say that while this book pushed me past my BDSM comfort zone, I couldn't put it down because I HAD to know what happened with JRad and Lily...but isn't that a mark of a good book..to not be able to put it down even though it pushes your boundries???? I really hope we get a 4th Men in Blue book I want to see what happens with Matt, Clint and Jambrea =)
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Nothing can bring her to her knees—except a dose of her own medicine.

Men in Blue, Book 3

Mistress Lily, proprietress of the elite Black Lily club, battles something more frightening than the dark forces of her own desire. SexOffender, a potent aphrodisiac designer drug with terrifying side effects, is ripping through the BDSM community.

Determined to protect her charges, Lily plays a dangerous game, cozying up to the drug’s creator while secretly smuggling victims to safety. It’s a war she’s losing…until the night she spots an undercover cop at what is supposed to be a private bash.

Blind luck scored Jeremy Radisson the break he needed to get close to Morselli. Gaining the kingpin’s trust, though, means revealing parts of his past as a legendary Dom. And teaming up with a woman who doesn’t have a submissive bone in her body, yet dominates his every fantasy.

When Morselli unexpectedly changes the rules, Lily and Jeremy find themselves pitted against each other in a wicked game of who’s-on-top. Lily’s forced to make a desperate choice to prove her loyalty. Jeremy relies on every ounce of his power to keep her safe without blowing their cover while praying they survive long enough to find out if she’ll kneel for him…forever.

Warning: Buckle up! This book is a one-way ticket to Dir-tay Town. Stops along the way include Massive Ménage Village, Sex Machine Square and Fisting City. What else would you expect from an experienced Mistress and the Master who tames her?

Naughty D's review:
I am torn between a 3.5 and a 4, but I am going with a 4 because some of my hesitancy may be due to the fact I wasn't totally comfortable with some of the BDSM practices....I think because this story had so many concepts of the BDSM lifestyle that pushed my limits, I'm having a hard time deciding on a rating.  The sex is hot and LOTS of it...but with lots of people...like I said it pushed my limits, but I LOVE JRad and Lily and wanted a HEA for them. MM shows how beautiful the power exchange between a D/s can be but also how the power exchange can be abused.  Lilly is a Domme and JRad is a Dom, and every time Lily submits to JRad was intense. There are a lot of twist and turns in this book and the ending caught me by surprise in a good way.

I'm torn and may not be able to figure out how to do justice to a full review, I have to step outside of my comfort zone and then look at the reasons JRad and Lilly are the way they are and the fact that the way they are makes their HEA work for them....

I absolutely loved seeing Tyler/Mason/Lacy and Razor and Izzy again.  I love how the Men In Blue and their mates all interact with each other. Ryan, Ben and the new cast Jayne has introduced have also caught my attention.

SOOOOOOO....If your not squeamish and love BDSM books, I say go for it, you most likely will give it a 4 or a 5. This may be one of the dirtiest books I've read ;-) .....me I'm still see-sawing back and forth..Maybe Master Jeremy needs to come torture me (sensual torture) to make me make up my mind.....

Naughty D gives Mistress's Master 

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