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Thursday, October 6, 2011

NEVER say NEVER - Tablet vs Kindle

I am not one for change....here is proof I should NEVER say NEVER:

D's Naughty Kindle
I was one of THOSE who SWORE I would NEVER get an e-reader, because I LOVE paper back books.  UNTIL....One day last year I was heading to a HS football game, on a school bus, with College Brat's dance team.  I was BORED, so I downloaded the Kindle app to my phone. I was instantly addicted, evidently I found my "crack", within a month of that I took the plunge and bought the Kindle 3G, yep I was deep in my addiction, the Kindle took on a life of it's own, it earned the name Naughty Kindle. About a month later B&N had the nerve to come out the Color Nook, guess what my words were, I'm not buying a color Nook, my NK is perfect, why do I need color to read a book, my only complaint about the Kindle was no back light, so I had to buy an e-reader light. With shame, I have to admit I cheated on NK, I went into Best Buy and fondled the color Nook, it was so tempting all those pretty colors and the backlight, but alas, like most things pretty it caught my eye but not enough to abandon my NK (even though I secretly longed for the pretty colors and touch feature Nook had).   A couple months later my mom started reading on her ipad, can you guess what I said??  I'm NEVER going to get a tablet, my netbook and Naughty Kindle are all I need.

Months go by, College Brat is getting ready to leave for College, so I think what am I going to do with my time now...thus Book Pimps' Reviews was born, a short while later I started Naughty Cougar Tales.  A few months into having both review sites, I realized how nice a tablet would be, I could check my emails, read in various e-formats and even post on my blogs all on one little device....Little being the key word...see I like the ipad and I REALLY like the Toshiba tablet, but I LOVE the size of my Naughty Kindle.   The opportunity came up for me to get the Samsung Galaxy 7" tablet. I was like, sure I would love to try it.  It caught my eye because it has a place for an SD card for memory, the pretty colors of color Nook and is the size of a Kindle.

My new toy came today.....and it shall be named ZEUS, the name came to me after playing with it for umm....5 minutes.   Is it the best out there?  IDK I'm not technically savvy enough to say that, but I can say for ME it is IT!!

UPDATE after playing with Zeus:
I am LOVING Zeus (my new tablet) but....if you just want just an ereader and not something with the all tbe tablet functions, I strongly suggest staying with the Kindle products. Kindle is super user friendly. Don't get me wrong my tablet is pretty user friendly and I need the convenience of reading all formats of ebooks, including kindle, that I get with the tablet, but Kindle has the best e-reader out there. If I was a newbie to the world, of ebooks, I would be lost trying to figure what format to use and how to download to the tablet.

Meet my new friend Zeus 

(Samsung Galazy 7" tablet)

Naughty Kindle and Zeus - will live together in harmony 

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