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Friday, October 7, 2011

Review - Sweet Water Vet by Dawn Forrest

Book Description: Erotic, Western
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Book Summary:

Fit, feisty and funny Rachael Harrison has conflicting dark fantasies, ranging from being "taken" to being in control. Unsatisfied with her romantic life in England, she returns to the place of her youth, Meadow Ridge County, Texas, where unconventional relationships are the norm.

When Rachael meets Joshua Ryden, the serious and dominant owner of Sweet Water Ranch, the level of mutual attraction is intense. However, Rachael believes that Joshua wants to share her with his brother and backs off. The situation is resolved by Joshua’s sister, Janet, a sexually inexperienced college student, who finally acts upon her long standing love for the very experienced Deputy Sherriff, Mitch Mathews. They embark upon a passionate and humorous romance.

After Joshua helps protect Rachael’s veterinarian career and professional reputation from a source of unfounded slander, their relationship strengthens. They become even more sexually voracious and creative as Rachael demonstrates to Joshua that he can also give up control occasionally--with explosively passionate results.
Published December 21st 2010 by Siren Publishing
D's Review:
I enjoyed this book....I love the family interaction between James, Joshua and Janet. Joshua is Alpha and smokin', Rachael knows what she wants and goes for it, I love that she can go toe to toe with him. Mitch and
Janet are hot together, I hope we get a full story for them. I can't wait until James and Luke's book...and do I dare speculate Rachael's friend is going to give them a run for their money ;-)

D' Gives Sweet Water Vet


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